Peggy’s Cove Cottage Refresh

It’s been nearly one year since we began work on our Peggy’s Cove cottage project. Last summer we updated the living and dining areas, the bedrooms, and installed custom built-ins in the master bedrooms (more about that here).

We returned early this spring to complete the final stage of the project, a new custom kitchen. We’re so happy with the result, we’ve been joking that we’re ready to move in!

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The cottage is a rental property set on a beautiful seaside location on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. It’s 150 years old and is bursting with rustic charm.

Our goal with this project was to freshen up the outdated interior while maintaining the existing character. Here’s a peek at the before and after of the kitchen!

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The homeowner lives in the UK which made the design process a bit different for this project. With most interior renovation projects, we work very closely with the client and meet in person a number of times to discuss plans and to get approval.

For this project our client gave us the keys, told us what look he likes and entrusted us with creative control! We love to work collaboratively with clients, but every now and then it’s fun to have full reign over a design project.

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The overall look is  Scandi/modern with a nod to the incredible landscape in which the cottage resides. We kept the whole interior white with soft grey trim, and injected pops of colour that refer to the blues and greys of the ocean, the greens of seaweed, and the reds and yellows of the fishing boats.

FullSizeRender (5)

The henhouse team took on everything from concept to completion. From creating the design, to building the cabinetry to painting, installation, electrical, plumbing and decorating. We are proud to have a wonderful team of skilled people working with us to make all of this possible!

FullSizeRender (3)

Our cabinetmaker Joe did a fantastic job building and installing all of the custom cabinetry. It takes a lot of skill to install a kitchen in a 150 year structure! In an old kitchen like this nothing is level, which means taking the time to scribe a number of pieces (custom cutting to fit a straight piece to a curved surface). We are so glad to have him on our team.

FullSizeRender (6)

Home renovation projects require a lot of decision making, planning and time. Deciding on a look, coming up with a plan, sourcing materials, finishes,  and skilled and trusted labour – it’s a lot!

This project showcases the full capabilities of our team. We did it all, and with the homeowner across the ocean! The homeowner and the Henhouse team are over the moon about the outcome.

Obsessions and Inspirations: Inject Spring into your Decor!

The warmer days are arriving in Nova Scotia and suddenly everything is bursting with life! As things start to grow and renew outside, many of us get that itch to freshen things up on the inside too.


There are lots of ways to bring the energy and excitement of spring indoors and simple changes can make a big difference. Adding new artwork or using fun wall coverings or textiles are great ways to breathe new life into a space. Injecting colour with paint is a great way to add interest, or maybe even to highlight a garden view.

Here are some ideas and inspirations for bringing Spring in!

Floral Artwork


Art enlivens a space and adds lots of character. I love these floral oil paintings by local artist Briana Corr Scott. They are rich, yet light and dewey. The soft light reminds me of Maritime springs.

If you live in the area, stop by Argyle Fine Art in Halifax to see these beauties in person.

Whimsical Wallpaper


Kim Parker for Clarke & Clarke, Murals Wallpaper, Timourous Beasties

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback and is being used in many different applications. There’s a big trend towards using mural wallpapers to create a feature wall, like in the photo on the left. It’s an incredible and bold look – instant art!

The bold, bright colours in the wallpapers above evoke spring and summer vibes! If you’re not brave enough to commit to this daring look think about wallpapering the inside of a hutch or a closet instead.

Painterly Fabric


Tonic Living, Bluebellegray, Liberty London

These abstract painterly florals are very on trend right now from fashion to interiors. It’s a nice way to evoke the prettiness of florals without the fussiness of tight ornate patterns. This look is airy and bright and can be incorporated with toss cushions, window coverings, and even used for upholstery.

Bold Trim


Clean white walls have been very popular over the past few years. I love the look, but what I love even more is finding ways to inject colour to areas often overlooked.  If your windows or millwork are a special feature in your space why not have them stand out with a bold paint? It draws your attention to a focal point and frames pretty views.

I’ve seen some really beautiful approaches to this idea, from subtle greys and soft greens, to bright yellows and black. It’s easy enough to execute, and certainly worth a try!

If you’re feeling inspired to change your space but you need help choosing colours or fabrics contact me! A few simple updates can make a big difference, and I’d love to help.

North End Halifax Transformation!

Christopher and Christy have been working with the Henhouse team for about two years now. They are busy professionals and parents who needed help finding a way to blend their two individual styles and to create a sense of home.

What started out as a small storage solution project in their den has evolved to many other areas of the home including the kitchen, living, dining, den, master bedroom and basement!

Christopher and Christy were so kind to let us ask them a few questions about their experience working with Henhouse, and how they feel about the new look of their home.

FullSizeRender (5)

What brought you to the decision to hire a designer? Why Henhouse?

We live in an older home in the North End. Many of our friends have been buying newer homes in areas of the city we weren’t interested in. I thought maybe we should spruce this place up!

FullSizeRender (1) copy

We both love older homes and we are so happy in our neighbourhood.  With work, we’ve had no time to try to design things ourselves – and we probably wouldn’t know what we were doing even if we’d tried.  Hiring Sappho seemed like a natural choice – I loved the Henhouse retail store when it was in the Hydrostone (one of the best in Halifax – so sad to see it close!), so asking Sappho to come by to see our house was exciting for me.

FullSizeRender (9) copy

Can you tell us a bit about what the design process was like? Were there any conflicts that you needed help to solve?

Sappho is fabulous! Working with her has been such a fun, happy experience.

Our first project was relatively small; built-in shelving for our dysfunctional den. The shelving is exactly what we needed. It totally changed the look of the room, and tidied it up (which I like) and made room for all of our DVDs and video games (which Christopher and our son Finn like).  Even for this small project, Sappho gave us a sketch of her idea for the shelving then gave us samples of the wood so we could choose the one we liked best.

FullSizeRender (4) copy

When we decided to tackle more (it’s so addictive!), Sappho came in to our home, walked through it with us, and helped us prioritize which rooms to target first. We decided to get started on the den and the”fire room” (aptly named by our daughter, it’s the room with the wood stove!). Sappho gave us sketches, fabric samples, sourced furniture options and gave suggestions. It was such a fun experience to look at samples and sketches together – even the kids seemed to enjoy seeing the options


We had no idea about types of “design styles” that we like, but Sappho somehow performed magic! She listened to us, showed us her ideas, and next thing we knew, POOF, the house is beautiful!  She has such a keen eye for design, visual appeal and aesthetic.

As for conflicts, it took some work convincing Christopher to get rid of the old blue couches, then the kids got on board about how much they loved them too… even the dog! All it took was one look at Sappho’s sketch and at some options for a new leather couch and he was sold (thank you Sappho!).

FullSizeRender (3)

You each have individual styles that are quite different! How did henhouse help you achieve a look that represented you both?

I tend to like anything floral. I’m torn between two very different styles – “big and bold”, and “soft and romantic”.  Christopher seems to like neutrals with bold statement pieces added in.

The perfect room to exemplify Sappho’s blending of our styles is the fire room. That room has the most beautiful floral curtains and the warm leather couch that Christopher loves. Together, the look is gorgeous, and it’s a room we’re all happy with.

FullSizeRender (1)

Before the renovations, what were the biggest challenges or what bothered you the most about your home? How were those issues resolved?

We have an older home. Although we love it, the room shapes are “off”.  We couldn’t figure out how to place furniture in our den or fire room to achieve the inviting look we wanted.

Sappho did that for us!  In addition to furniture, the fabrics and window coverings have really worked to transform the space.  From the blinds in the den and fire room (…sorry Christopher, they aren’t iPhone operated…) to the fun kitchen Romans and the beautiful fire room curtains, our house now feels warm and inviting – just the way we want it.

FullSizeRender (2)

How do you feel about your home now? What’s your favourite part?

I love everything.  Really.  I don’t think I could choose a room.  I love getting home from work and walking through the kitchen, in to the fire room, then sinking in to the comfy sectional in our den.  I swear I walk though the whole main floor to get to the den, even though I could just walk straight there.

Then there’s our bedroom, with the stunning wallpaper, new headboard, and the wonderful bedding from Bellissimo. Our bedroom feels like an oasis.

I love how the house feels and looks now, and coming home to it feels so relaxing in a way it didn’t feel before.

FullSizeRender (11)

Would you recommend this experience to others? Do you have any feedback for Henhouse that would help others have a fuller experience?

I have recommended Henhouse SO many times already.  Now that we will have photos to show, I’m sure they’ll finally understand why we like her so much!

Our daughter Stella often asks “why can’t you say no to anything Sappho says?”- ha!  Well that’s what happens when you are lucky enough to hire the best and then have her and her team transform your home in a way you couldn’t accomplish without them.

Thank you Christopher and Christy! It was truly a pleasure working with you!

On-Site: European Bistro Kitchen Reno

Our European inspired custom kitchen reno is almost finished!  We completed a master bedroom update for this client last year, and over the past several months we’ve moved on to tackle several other areas of the main floor, including the living/ dining area, the front foyer and a powder room.

Here’s an up-to-date look at what’s been happening behind the scenes.

Desktop8The photo above is the vision for the kitchen and dining area. The design is fresh and clean with pops of florals, and soft coral and turquoise tones. The space is narrow, so we chose chose a neutral palette for the wall tiles, paint and custom cabinetry  to keep it feeling airy and bright. Brass light fixtures, and jewel-like hardware add a bit of sparkle!

Blog May2nd4

Here’s a peek at the cabinetry during installation. You can see some before shots of the kitchen here. The original layout included a peninsula that separated the kitchen and dining areas. A peninsula can be a great solution in some spaces, but in this narrow kitchen it was cutting off the flow and it wasn’t the most efficient use of space.

For the new design we removed the peninsula, relocated the stove, sink and fridge, and added a custom island. The new layout provides more counter space and a better flow.

FullSizeRender (2)

Above you can see the new island awaiting its countertop. Our client dreamed of having an island, so we were determined to make it happen!

To make it work we designed a narrow island with open storage down below. It looks light and airy, like a furniture piece. It felt a bit risky putting it into this small space, especially after seeing the cabinets installed! But we trusted our gut instincts and once it was in place it actually made the space feel bigger!

Painted in Benjamin Moore’s Baltic Sea and finished with decorative brass knobs, it makes a nice statement and offers lots of counter space and storage.


Above is the dining area in progress. We’ve painted the walls, and are in the process of painting the newly installed wainscotting. For the furniture, we’re chosen a tulip table from Attica and beautiful bistro chairs from Serena & Lily.

FullSizeRender (1)

Above you can see some fabric and paint swatches that are being used in the dining and living area. We just finished recovering an ottoman for the living area in the lovely floral fabric from Kravet on the bottom left. You can see a sneak peek on Instagram!.

Blog May2nd5-001The powder and foyer are also coming along. The photo on the left is of the wallpaper we chose. The large-scale floral paper is for the foyer, and the bold coral paper is for the powder room. On the right you can see the funky vintage light fixtures I found on Etsy and the newly retiled floor. You’ll have to check back in for the final result!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more behind the scenes photos.

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