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To build a brand spanking new kitchen (one that has been custom designed no less) is no small task and requires a lot of imagination, detailed thought and mind over matter in order to interpret how everything will come together once it is all finished. Besides creating a functional and savvy space, henhouse kitchens are also unique in their custom hand finishes. This particular kitchen was destined to receive the henhouse specialty, including a fully distressed treatment after which we meticulously applied by hand layers of paint and glaze in order to achieve a truly unique and aged look.

Once our builder installs the kitchen cabinetry the rest of the team is let loose in the space and then the fun really begins! The tools come out, the sanders are in full swing and after a couple of days and some serious elbow grease, the kitchen is prepped and ready to be painted. We chose two tones of grey for this particular space to complement the colours existing right outside the kitchen windows. The romantic landscape of the Atlantic ocean, where the rough waves crash upon staggering rocks and boulders is truly an inspiring sight.

Next step: some painting, sanding and a little more painting. TADA! The kitchen is now ready to undergo the REAL transformation…