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We love how this red table turned out. The colour is original, we added the fun new castors and sanded and stained the top. This would be great for a desk or an island, you could even add a marble top for your kitchen, priced at $595.

The next photo shows a hall or sofa table with a beautiful one board top, all original paint as well as the glass cupboard above. This piece would be perfect hanging on the wall in a bathroom, table priced at $595 and glass hutch $$545.

The black coffee table is a hall table that we cut down and over painted the base. The top we just gave a good cleaning and left some of the funky paint on it for a weathered relaxed look. The two paintings below are so fun. Both are vintage, the abstract one is priced at $195 with the frame and the floral $165.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed finding them and bringing them back to life!