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Metal pumpkin faces above and below by artist Jean Pierre Schoss from Dog Bite Steel in Uxbridge, Ontario. Items from the Henhouse a few years back.
Here at Henhouse, we receive many requests for holiday decorating tips this time of year. Our customers love to know how we decorate our homes and so with this in mind we felt, with our new blog, that this is the perfect venue for show and tell. We would like to showcase your homes that have inspired us and share our homes in hopes that they inspire you.

We will start off with co-owner Sappho Griffin’s home that is shared by her husband and their two girls in old Bedford. The house is circa 1890 and has been updated slowly over the last 10 years. Last year they dedicated their efforts to the exterior by fencing in the yard, creating an estate-like feeling (and the added bonus of keeping the children safe!), added a new front porch and french doors where none existed, a pergola over a side deck for outdoor eating, new lower windows (by Norwood), all new doors (by Marvin) and a mini tree/playhouse for the kids. The green/gray colour of the body of the house and soft putty trim colour painted in ’01 help it blend in with the natural surroundings. They decided to add a statement with bold black for all the doors/decking and red hot roof shingles. Here is the exterior of their home decorated for Fall and Halloween. Stay tuned for interior shots….