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Welcome to the playroom slash office. This was originally the formal dining room but out of necessity and lack of dinner parties since the kids were born, it has turned into a space that can be used on a day to day basis. Sappho and her husband decided to reinvent the closet in this room to an out of the way office that was designed by Sappho and brought to life by Henhouse’s cabinet maker. It can all be closed up at a moments notice.
The girls have fun in this room with their toys and art work on display. They feel so proud to show off their art to anyone who drops in and it instantly gives warmth and fun to this room. Having a dedicated wall to your kids art will give them the confidence that their efforts mean something to you and they will enjoy adding to it over time. The hemp carpet is from Tabrizi on Bedford Highway. Green bookshelf for toy storage from Henhouse.