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Every year we have people ask us how we decorate our homes for the holidays. How do we use the stuff that we sell? When we shop at the gift show each January, (yes a whole year in advance!!!) we always look for things that are unique, natural, vintage or home spun in feeling and of coarse we can’t resist a bit of sparkle. This year for my home I was taken with these very large red and white yarn spool ball ornaments. We carry a couple of different sizes but the ones that are over sized- almost Dr. Suess like really struck me and made me smile and get excited. I loved their home-spun feeling and I knew they would be perfect for my extra large sized wreath that I put up every year and in my planters.

What I have been doing for last many years is fill all 5 of my window boxes with cut birch branches and spruce boughs that I go out and find in the forest near our house. I then head over to Bloom Nurseries for their unique fillers like variegated boxwood, cedar boughs, eucalyptus, dogwood, magnolia, pepper berries and many other specialty branches. This year I had in my mind that these large yarn balls needed some extra bulk and height in the planter for my back entrance, so I found fallen birch logs in my forest outing and I dragged them home and cut them to size to fit the barrel by our back door. Once all the branches are in place I string my lights through them and add the bows or red star ornaments, lastly added my new addition of the red and white yarn balls.

It looks like a lot of effort but really its just a simple formula I’ve been using every year for my base and then I try to add something a little unexpected or different to make it all interesting and new. I hope I can inspire you as much as I have been inspired by a simple red and white yarn ball!
Sappho Griffin
henhouse co-owner