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To say this kitchen and this house was an ugly duckling before the renovation is a vast understatement. Our good friends were very astute in their plan to buy the ugliest house on the block but on a great street on the Halifax Peninsula and then transform it back into the home it once was. Over 100 years old, this home had undergone a 1970s renovation inside and out, with all the original detailing removed. The exterior was a horror and the interior, especially the kitchen, was all smoky mirrors (yes mirrors in the kitchen!) and shag carpets and wrought iron detail.
Our friends had a clean slate once all the ’70s horror was removed and their esthetic ran towards the Craftsman and Shaker styles. With a simple galley style layout we devised a palette of warmth typical of that style. Who knew we could convince them that Light Khaki on their cabinets is the new neutral? But we, and they, are so pleased with the results. Tired of cream and white on cabinets we used the soft green and went intense on the walls with a burnt orange and a very soft white on the beadboard to keep the room feeling crisp and modern.
To keep the room warm and organic in feeling, we went with birch wood countertops and cork flooring. The bib sink is from Franke available at Nova Tile and Marble. To keep their counters looking good, all that is required is a wipe down after kitchen clean up – just treat these counters as you would your dining room table and they will look as good as the day they were put in.