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After just coming back from New Orleans, I felt I just had to share with you the inspiring beauty and integrity of this city. After harsh flooding that covered 80% of this city it was astounding for my husband and I to see how much of it has come back to life in many pockets and also how evident Katrina and the aftermath still is.
Those people who are born here and those that gravitate to this city from elsewhere have tremendous pride in their roots and it is expressed through their homes, their music, their interaction with each other. There is pride of ownership, rich diverse cultural history and artistic flavour of the people and how they express themselves in their surroundings that we found infectious. I just loved the woodwork on these homes’ front porches and the brave colours they chose to reflect their personality and the personality of this city.
I love the composition of the round drum and tall reeds. This sugar drum which was used to boil cane sugar in the early 1800s has been re-purposed as a sculptural water garden.
This picture reminds me of Italy or France, not that I have ever been to either of those places, but I glean from movies!! – Sappho