Design History Lesson: Eero Saarinen

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Hello again! I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful day! The weather is amazing, I have the door wide open here at the shop, letting in all the summery smells and warmth. ahhh…

I’ve recently re-discovered Finnish-American archictect and designer Eero Saarinen, thanks to a charming yellow tulip chair we have in the shop! When I was in art school I took a crash course in design history and I remember taking a liking to Saarinen’s futuristic, space-age looking style.

This cutie is available at the shop!

A lot of Saarinen’s work is made up of smooth forms and continuous lines, so it didn’t surprise me much to learn that he studied sculpture as a young student in Michigan. You can really see his consideration of form in his tulip chairs and table, as well as his Gateway Arch, a monument and observatory in St. Louis.

The Gateway Arch: 630′ high tapered curve- the tallest
man-made monument

Nerd alert: did you know that a variation of the tulip chairs were used on the set on the original Star Trek? Check it out!

Looks like Spok has the same good taste we do!

Even though the Tulip chair was designed over 50 years ago they still carry that futuristic vibe, and continue to suit contemporary decor- the definition of a classic! Want to see a piece of design history for yourself? Our yellow tulip chair is for sale in the shop, come by and check it out!