Inspired! Antique Furniture of Quebec

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I’m starting a new category for the blog called “Inspired!”. I’ll post regularly with images and info about things that are inspiring us hens at the moment.

Yesterday I found myself taking a look in some of the books that we have hanging around the shop. These books are a great inspiration for anyone looking to create custom pieces with that rustic old-world vibe. The images below are from the book Antique Furniture of Quebec by Michel Lessard. Here are some of the pretty things I’ve found, and some of the facts that I learned.

This pine carved armoire is framed with moulding, and has a sweet cutout base with a shell carving in the centre. According to the book this piece dates back to the late 18th Century. I think it it’s the perfect blend of masculine shapes with more feminine details.

This piece is a stunner! Another pine armoire from late 18th Century Quebec, but this time the hand-carvings are much more detailed. The mix of geometric shapes and organic forms is beautiful. This piece has been stripped of its original paint.

Before the 70’s in Quebec it was common for people to “revitalize” furniture by stripping it down to the wood and waxing and polishing it. Unfortunately the stripping methods were very hash and would destroy the wood surface and grain.

This armoire has hand-carved doors, and has been stripped on the outside. Even though the book says that stripping is bad, I kind of like the contrast between the bright red paint and the natural wood colour. What do you think?

Have you felt inspired by a special piece of furniture lately? Share your story with us in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!