Rethinking Old Soft Furnishings

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Hi everyone, happy Thursday! It’s kinda gloomy out there today, so we thought we’d show off some of our cheerful and fun re-upholstered pieces.

All of the soft furnishings that we have in the shop are vintage pieces that have been completely re-done. We love the style and quality craftsmanship that can be found in older soft furnishings.

Vintage footstools re-done in bright geometric Kravet fabrics.

Treasure hunting is one of our most favourite things to do, and we seek out old soft furnishings with good bones that can be given a second life! With some creativity, and a lot of skill from our upholsterer, we create these beautiful and unique pieces. The pieces have all new innards and are covered with new fabric. This ensures that they will look and feel like new while maintaining their original character and sturdy structure.

Small vintage sofa in a beautiful Kravet ikat, we’re smitten!

Rustic chic- we love this bench with its new burlap-covered seat.


Come by and have a seat in some of our soft furnishings, we’d love to see you soon!!