Everyone Wants to Be in the Kitchen!

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Isn’t that the truth!

How often do you find yourself and family members catching up on the day, preparing and sharing meals, or just hanging out in the kitchen? And what about that funny thing that happens when you have guests or throw a party-  in which room do they always naturally congregate? You guessed it!

That’s because the kitchen is truly the heart of the home! It’s a space we cook, live and gather in. It is a hub of activity and it has to accomplish a lot!

We take these challenges of creating a beautiful kitchen space paired with hardworking storage and cooking needs to heart. Our goal is to make sure your space is truly a reflection of your home and your life and will reflect a budget your are comfortable with.

This month we got a lot of attention on our Facebook page about a little kitchen we reno’d for our client Verna, in Dartmouth.  In light of that, we thought we’d share a bit more with you!


Rather than opening up the walls completely, as is on trend now, there is something to be said for keeping “rooms”. Because this kitchen is small and the house itself is small, we felt we could not sacrifice storage and kept the walls intact and just opened up the doorways making them higher and wider. We therefore kept the intimacy of the “room”.


We gave this small space a brand new layout though, moving the fridge over to the sink wall, creating more counter space where the stove remained, and adding a free standing hutch for all their pantry needs. We wanted to created a bistro inspired kitchen that allowed for maximum usage of the space and great flow.

Henhouse Blog Post Feb 20158We used a mix of cool colours and sleek marble and granite surfaces and contrasted that with a bright pop of warm red for our stand alone pantry hutch. The combination is elegant and timeless, but has tons of personality and suits the homeowner’s style. We chose the fabric for the romans and the drapery that fit perfectly with this warm/cool tension.

“Its been a great experience having you work on the kitchen and the draperies. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you!”

– Verna Docherty, homeowner 

Henhouse Blog Post Feb 20155
This project ended up being on of our favourites! We love taking on the challenge of small spaces and maximizing their potential. I felt with this little Dartmouth kitchen I really got a chance to do just that. Thank you Verna!