A 100-Year-Old Farmhouse Gets a Custom Kitchen…and More!

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This week I’m going back in time a bit, to take a look a beautiful home in Bedford Nova Scotia that we started work on in 2013.  The homeowners are good friends of mine, and their 100 year old farm house was in need of some updates.

What started out as a custom kitchen renovation, led to many other projects over the years. In a very organic way, we slowly transformed this charming house into home.


The kitchen was our starting point, and the design is a bit of old and a bit of new. We created custom cabinetry in a shaker style, and opted for a natural, timeless look by leaving a lot of the wood unpainted. We injected bold, but less saturated pops of colour on other pieces to give this sunny kitchen some personality. Blues, yellows, soft greens, and persimmon colours create such warmth and fun.


An important part of this reno was designing a space that could function as more of a hub. Previously, the space was small and felt excluded from the home, which speaks to how kitchens were used at the time this house was built. Today, we know that families and friends gather in their kitchens, and not only cook there, but entertain and unwind all in this one space.


After redesigning the kitchen, the next project was to make this old farmhouse more functional. It needed better flow, and a more efficient use of space. We reconfigured the main floor by removing walls to open things up, and moved the guest bathroom to a better location.

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Over the last few years, the henhouse team has completed many projects for this family, like custom built in beds for their daughters, and some interior design work including upholstery and curtains (seen above), and a colour design for the downstairs walls and trim. Most recently, we designed a vibrant colour palette for the exterior, which you can see below.

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It was so much fun for me to work with these homeowners, and to develop and expand a design that started in the heart of the home and, over time, extended through to their entire house. I’m glad I got to help them make their charming old farmhouse into the home they dreamed of.