Why You Should Hire a Professional Kitchen Designer

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Kitchen remodels are a big job and a big investment. Although there are many ways to get the job done, there is great value (and savings) in hiring a professional designer. There are many twists, turns, forks, and bumps along the road to your dream kitchen, and a professional designer will be on your side, navigating though it, with your best interests at heart.

Let’s talk about some of the key benefits of hiring a pro, and take a peek at a project that’s currently in the works near Halifax, Nova Scotia!

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Right now I’m working on a French Bistro inspired custom kitchen design. The photo above is our vision for the look of the design. Being able to execute the vision requires a lot of decision making. There is sourcing and purchasing finishes, furnishings, fabrics, paint and so on, and also problem solving when things don’t work out exactly as planned.

My clients benefit from my experience. I know where to look for what we need, and I can identify our best options, help them stay on the right path, and within budget, while making adjustments along the way.
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Above, you can see a few drawings of the kitchen, and custom cabinetry. A lot of consideration goes into planning a design that meets the needs of the homeowners. These needs go beyond beauty. A kitchen, or any space, has to function for the people who live in it.

This requires expert knowledge. When I design kitchen, I carefully consider how the homeowners use the space. A professional designer knows what questions to ask and how to use that information to create the most effective design possible.

Blog Nov2Kitchens are complex, and require a collaborative effort between tradespeople, suppliers, and the decision-makers (the homeowners, and the designer). There are many people to manage, and communicate with. It’s also a big challenge to find the right people for these jobs!

A professional designer has connections with people in various trades, and with suppliers, and knows how to manage and communicate with them. This is a major benefit! I have a team of trustworthy and highly skilled people that I work with, and have worked with for years. This means getting the job done right, on time and saving you from costly mistakes and miscommunications.
Blog Nov4-001The kitchen is the heart of the home, and you want something that flows with the rest of the look and feel of your house. When you hire a designer, they look at the big picture. I always design with the whole home in mind, and create a plan that integrates well with the rest of the house.

With our French Bistro kitchen, we decided to do a simple update in the foyer (it’s the entry into the kitchen), and the small powder room that is between the kitchen and foyer. It’s not always the case that we need to update adjoining rooms, but we always consider the whole so that the new space fits in seamlessly.

Kitchen remodels are a big investment. At henhouse, it’s important to us that the end result meets the family’s needs and budget, looks and feels right to them, and fits in with the rest of their home. We can help make the process easier, make sure that you end up with the best result possible, and ensure that you’ll see a return on your investment!