Maximizing Space with Custom Built-Ins

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Coming up with solutions to maximize space is something the henhouse team loves to tackle. Built-ins are great way to take advantage of vertical space, or to make use of awkward or underused areas. This past year, we transformed a small, underused hall space into a cozy reading nook by creating a built-in day bed. We also completed a built-in bookcase for a large, empty wall that needed some personality.

FullSizeRender copy 2The built-in day bed above was custom made for a family I’ve been working with near Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. We’ve completed a few projects for them, including a custom kitchen, a laundry room update, and a custom bookshelf for their hallway.

Most recently, they contacted me about a space in their upstairs hall that they wanted to make better use of. The bookshelf was a great addition to the space, but there was still an unused nook.Henhouse Blog December 6thThe daybed idea came about when my clients talked about how they enjoy reading to their kids, and how nice it would be to have a quiet and cozy little space for family time and quiet activities. Above, you can see the before photo, and my initial sketch for the daybed.Henhouse Blog December 6th1-001The henhouse team created a custom design that fills the space perfectly. We included storage for books and blankets, and made it cozy with custom toss cushions in coordinating fabrics by Kravet (available through henhouse).

We upholstered the bench cushion with a beautiful antique kilim that had once been used as a wall hanging. The rug had been an inspiration for the bookshelf colours, and was in great condition, so we decided to give it a new life. It worked out beautifully, and the family now enjoys reading and napping in this cozy little spot!

FullSizeRender (2) Here’s a look at another built-in we created this year. These clients live in a newer build in Bedford, Nova Scotia, that has an open-concept eat-in kitchen and living area, with a dining area that’s closed in by a large wall. As you can see in the photo below, the open space felt too big and the wall was awkward.
Henhouse Blog December 6th2A lot of newer homes lack the architectural details that make a space interesting and add character. By adding this floor-to-ceiling built-in, we gave this space lots of personality and storage. It also makes he space feels much cozier, and not so overwhelmingly large.Henhouse Blog December 6th3About one year after finishing the built-ins, henhouse was called back to help with the living room furniture. The stuffing and fabric was worn, but the lines and size of the pieces were great, and the frames were in excellent condition. We decided to re-upholster, and chose durable (dog-friendly!) fabrics from Kravet and Maxwell. We added skirts to the sofas for a softer look, piping down the backs, and lots of plump toss cushions.

With the new built-ins and upholstery, the entire space looks much more pulled together, and more inviting. FullSizeRenderThere are endless possibilities when it comes to custom built-ins. We love creating them because each project is unique to the space and to the needs of the homeowners. If you are thinking about built-ins for your own home, send us an e-mail!