Design Projects Big and Small

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At henhouse, our services span from small projects (like an interior design consultation), to large and more complicated projects (like kitchen renovations). We have several projects in various stages on the go right now, and each one is different in scale and complexity. Sometimes a project starts small and then grows, other times a client might just need some pointers or a new perspective. It all depends on the customer, their needs and budget, and we are always happy to help.

We’ve talked before about the benefits of hiring a professional designer. Let’s talk about some of the possibilities by taking a sneak peek at a few recent and ongoing projects .

Halifax North:

Halifax Nroth Home-001

This project started as built-ins in one room and is gradually expanding into other areas of the home. After completing the built-ins for the TV room, the homeowners asked us back a year later to help with their bedroom, fireplace room, TV room, and downstairs rec room.

Halifax Nroth Home1

We started with the fireplace room, and came up with the design plan above. The henhouse team was hired to take care of the electrical work, install new windows and additional built-ins, painting, and to create custom window dressings and toss cushions. The homeowners took on some of the work themselves, including purchasing the furnishings that were suggested in the design plan.

Halifax Nroth Home2

Realizing a plan over time, whether it’s a single room or several areas of a home, is less invasive and easier to manage financially. As you can see from the photos above, the room is coming together – we’re just awaiting new furniture pieces! Next, we’ll tackle the bedroom and window coverings for the kitchen/ dining area, and TV room.

Hemlock Ravine Cottage:

Hemlock Ravine Cottage

This home needed an injection of colour and a new furniture layout in the living and dining spaces. The owner loves antiques and vintage furniture, and has a wonderful collection of quality older pieces that we wanted to make use of. The main challenges were the awkward shape of the rooms, and paring down her furniture by choosing the pieces that best suit both spaces. We created a floor plan for each room and recommended which pieces to keep.

FullSizeRender (1)

She also had a very bland colour palette that had felt safe to her but now she was ready for some colour! We chose paint colours, fabric and carpets to inject the much needed colour she was craving. Now that she has some direction, she chose to execute the plan on her own and in her own time.

susan fogarty dining room visualJPG

Halifax South:

Back in 2015, henhouse was hired to complete a master bedroom makeover in this home. The homeowner had us complete the project while she was on holiday and returned to the big reveal!


Now we are getting ready to renovate her outdated 80’s kitchen. Planning began last fall and the renovations will begin next month. The henhouse team will create and install custom cabinetry throughout, install flooring, finishes, paint, lighting, and furnishings. You can see the visual plan for the project above.

Halifax South End

Since we had some time, I ordered all of the fixtures well in advance of the renovation phase. Being able to take the time on these details will save time and money later, or solve any other issues that come up before the renovation starts. Our goal is to make the renovation process as seamless as possible, because we know the kitchen is the hub of the home and a big investment.

Cole Harbour:

Just before Christmas we were hired to come up with a new kitchen and dining room plan and concept. The home is a lovely cape cod style, located in a beautiful older, and somewhat rural, subdivision. It has a cottage feel, with lots of warmth and character. We presented them with a plan that includes new windows, flooring, opening up walls, lighting, new cabinetry and layout, and an estimated budget. The clients are pleased with the concept, and we’ll see how they decide to proceed!
Cole Harbour
Some projects are small and simple, while others are larger and more complex. At henhouse our design services range from offering ideas and opinions with an in-home consult, to creating a detailed plan, through to executing the plan. It always depends on the needs of the customer. If you’d like to learn more about our design services, or have a project in mind please contact us!