Peggy’s Cove Cottage Refresh

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It’s been nearly one year since we began work on our Peggy’s Cove cottage project. Last summer we updated the living and dining areas, the bedrooms, and installed custom built-ins in the master bedrooms (more about that here).

We returned early this spring to complete the final stage of the project, a new custom kitchen. We’re so happy with the result, we’ve been joking that we’re ready to move in!

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The cottage is a rental property set on a beautiful seaside location on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. It’s 150 years old and is bursting with rustic charm.

Our goal with this project was to freshen up the outdated interior while maintaining the existing character. Here’s a peek at the before and after of the kitchen!

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The homeowner lives in the UK which made the design process a bit different for this project. With most interior renovation projects, we work very closely with the client and meet in person a number of times to discuss plans and to get approval.

For this project our client gave us the keys, told us what look he likes and entrusted us with creative control! We love to work collaboratively with clients, but every now and then it’s fun to have full reign over a design project.

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The overall look is  Scandi/modern with a nod to the incredible landscape in which the cottage resides. We kept the whole interior white with soft grey trim, and injected pops of colour that refer to the blues and greys of the ocean, the greens of seaweed, and the reds and yellows of the fishing boats.

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The henhouse team took on everything from concept to completion. From creating the design, to building the cabinetry to painting, installation, electrical, plumbing and decorating. We are proud to have a wonderful team of skilled people working with us to make all of this possible!

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Our cabinetmaker Joe did a fantastic job building and installing all of the custom cabinetry. It takes a lot of skill to install a kitchen in a 150 year structure! In an old kitchen like this nothing is level, which means taking the time to scribe a number of pieces (custom cutting to fit a straight piece to a curved surface). We are so glad to have him on our team.

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Home renovation projects require a lot of decision making, planning and time. Deciding on a look, coming up with a plan, sourcing materials, finishes,  and skilled and trusted labour – it’s a lot!

This project showcases the full capabilities of our team. We did it all, and with the homeowner across the ocean! The homeowner and the Henhouse team are over the moon about the outcome.