A Simple Kitchen Update in Musquodoboit Harbour

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Just before we left for the holidays, the Henhouse team got a chance to see the results of a kitchen project that we helped pull together for an active family of six.

Here’s a look at the before:

Henhouse Blog Jan 15

We have traveled throughout Nova Scotia completing renovations in different towns, and sometimes even in other provinces. We don’t shy away from taking on projects farther afield because we know there are always creative solutions to make it work. We’ve been successful at completing projects all over the Maritimes and have had a great time doing it.

This kitchen in Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia is a great example. About an hour away from our home base, this sweet and sunny kitchen was in need of a an update.

Here’s what we came up with:

FullSizeRender (1)

The homeowners, Amy and Luc, wanted better storage and functionality. They are avid cooks, so it was important for the new design to be high functioning with adequate storage, an efficient layout and lots of work surfaces.

Though the original layout worked well, the storage was not efficient. The cabinetry was worn, and the homeowners wanted fresh and a  more pulled together look.

Amy and Luc contacted Sappho and met in person to go over their wants, needs, budget, and to take measurements. They were happy to tackle parts of the project on their own, and had their friend and local cabinet maker, Darcy Laycock of Paramount Construction, build and install their cabinets to Henhouse’s specifications.

FullSizeRender (2)

After our initial meeting, Henhouse came up with a complete design plan for Amy and Luc’s tradespeople to complete the project. We decided to keep the appliances where they were and redesign the cabinetry. We choose new finishes, lighting and colours, and kept the original flooring.

The install was very hands off for us, with only two in-person meetings through the entire process.


Everything worked out beautifully and the homeowners were so happy with how seamless it all was. Here’s what they had to say:

“Kitchen renovations are expensive and disruptive. When it came time to tackle ours we needed to get it right, which is why we called Sappho. We have an open floor plan, so anything new had to match with the old, and because the kitchen gets lots of natural light, we wanted to keep all the existing windows and doors. We were working with a tight timeline too, as our cabinet maker was already booked to do the job at a specific time.

Sappho made one visit to our home, to spend a morning with us talking about problems with the existing layout, and what we wanted in a new kitchen. Soon after the home visit, I picked up her hand-drawn and detailed sketches, which showed us exactly how the new kitchen would look, in addition to where everything would go. We had one final meeting to decide on all the finishes such as cabinets colour and profiles, countertops, lighting, and hardware. It could not have been any easier.

Working with Sappho made for a straightforward process with the cabinet maker and other trades, so we avoided unnecessary delays. With her help and expertise, the new kitchen looks as though it’s always been that way, and everything in it has a home. In the end we absolutely got it right.”


We had a great time time working with Amy and Luc, and we’re so glad they are enjoying their new kitchen!

We are happy to take on all kinds of projects, big or small, near or far. We love collaborating with our clients, and coming up with creative solutions that work for them. If you have a space that needs an update, weather it be a full renovation or just a refresh, get in touch, we’d love to help!