Why You Should Hire a Professional Designer for Your Kitchen Renovation

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Over the past ten years Henhouse has completed many successful custom kitchen renovations. We’ve been lucky to work with great clients who have told us that having a professional team on their side is well worth the investment. In the face of a kitchen reno, we helped them navigate the process from start to finish, and they tell us that the results were better than they could have dreamed of!

A kitchen renovation is a big project and it’s probably one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your home. Along with photos of our top Henhouse kitchens, here are some reasons why hiring a professional team is the way to go.

Save Money

Yes it’s true! In many cases hiring a professional team can save you money and time. Kitchen renovations can be complex – from making a plan, to finding and managing the right tradespeople, purchasing finishes, appliances, fixtures and much more. Mistakes and delays can be very costly and stressful.

Let us help you! When it comes to kitchens it’s worth investing in a quality job. The Henhouse team can take your renovation from concept to completion and create something that you’ll be happy with for many years to come.

Professional Assessment

Our designer can assess your needs and come up with a plan that makes the best use of your space and budget. We know what needs to change, what can stay the same, and how to make the best use of your space and budget. We want to make sure that you get the most value possible.

Navigating Costs

We hear clients say “I really want my dream kitchen, and I want it to fit in with the rest of the home. How much will this cost me?”.

There’s not one answer for everyone. It depends on what makes sense for your home and your budget. It’s important to outline what you can spend and how that budget aligns with the value of your home, and your list of wants and needs.

When you hire Henhouse for a kitchen renovation, we work with you to create a plan that accounts for all of these details and costs.

Creating a Plan (and sticking to it!)

Speaking of plans, a solid plan is the key to success. Creating a design plan involves devising solutions for the space (how it will look and function), choosing and sourcing finishes, appliances, furnishings (and more!), scheduling tradespeople, overseeing their work, all the while sticking to the budget. It’s a lot of time and work, and having a designer ensures the job will go smoothly and be completed on time.

Before beginning a renovation, our clients receive detailed illustrated concepts, floor plans, elevation sketches, material, finish and fixture suggestions, and a lighting plan. We also include cost estimates for the entire project. We want you to understand the full scope of the project, how money will be spent and what the outcome will be.


A homeowner managing a project on their own runs the risk of choosing tradespeople who are not up the job. This can undermine the entire project, from quality, and cost to the aesthetic and timeline. The homeowner also assumes all the risk and the responsibility to sort out problems and have them resolved.

Working with Henhouse means your renovation will be in the hands of our trusted and highly skilled team. We have been working with excellent tradespeople for many years, and have built strong relationships with them. Your new kitchen will be of great, long-lasting quality, and the process will be efficient and smooth.

Access to Resources

A professional designer has industry connections that you may not have access to. This can save some money and time. Oftentimes designers are offered discounts on certain materials or products, or they know where to get the best products for the best price. Sourcing and purchasing all of the finishes, furnishings, appliances etc. means a lot of decision making and running around! At Henhouse we know where to source the best options for your new kitchen, and we’ll narrow down the choices so it’s much less overwhelming.

Wow Factor

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s where we spend most of our time. It’s where the family gathers to prepare and share meals, entertain guests, prepare for the day, and unwind at the end of the day. Having a space that functions well and feels great makes a difference. A professional designer takes care of all of the detailed elements that make a kitchen special, and tailor it to your life and taste. You will have a kitchen that suits your taste, fits in with your home, and that will become a selling feature down the road.

Resale Value

At Henhouse it’s important to us that your new kitchen is an investment that will add value to your life and your home. We know what choices makes sense, and we specialize in creating designs that fit seamlessly into the rest of the home. A beautiful and well designed kitchen can boost the market value of your home and increase buyer appeal for when you are ready to sell.

A kitchen renovation is a big project, and it’s worth investing in. We can help make the process easier, make sure that you end up with the best result possible, and ensure that you’ll see a return on your investment!

If you’re getting ready for a kitchen renovation, we’d love to hear from you, get in touch!