Mix and Match for a Fresh Look

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It’s turning out to be a busy Spring and Summer at Henhouse! We are grateful to be working on many exciting projects right now and we will have lots to share with you in the coming months. If you’d like to follow along, you can find us on Instagram or Facebook, and subscribe to our monthly newsletter!

We’re currently starting work on a home that has traditional bones combined with more modern finishes. Our task is to honour the beautiful existing character, and inject some personality and modern flair. We love mixing old and new – not only is it practical, but by layering different styles, textures, colours and patterns we can create a rich and more personal look.

This approach to decorating is useful for all types of homes. Whether you live in an older build or a new build you can add character by using what you have and mixing in different elements and details to create a fresh look.

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Amber Lewis, Amber Interiors

Mixing sleek and smooth with rustic and rough textures works beautifully in this contemporary space. The space itself has sleek lines, no frills, and modern finishes. A few of the furnishings and decor items tie right into the modern style of the home, like the sofa, the artwork and the beautiful stone and metal coffee table. In contrast, other pieces are more primitive and add texture and colour – the carved wood stools, and the killim rug. The hint of mid century mod, and geometric details that we see in the lighting, dining chairs, and the toss cushions tie it all together.

interior decorating, Halifax, Nova Scotia, living room decor, Domino Magazine

Brittany Chevallier, Domino Magazine

This living space has a great mix of texture, pattern, colour, and surface finishes. We are loving the funky gallery wall. Hanging artwork in this way is definitely a throwback, but the way it’s spaced out, the simple frames, and the mishmash of contemporary art offers a casual and playful feeling. This is a great way to bring a touch of tradition into a modern space, and add colour and interest to a focal area. The colourful and mixed pattern toss cushions tie in with the gallery wall and inject a pop of colour into an otherwise neutral backdrop.

interior decor, Halifax, Nova Scotia, living room decor, design solutions

clockwise from left: Vogue Living, Domino Magazine, Summer Thorton Design

Mixing a bright or unexpected colour in with traditional pieces is a great way update a space. This can be as simple as changing up the toss cushions, reupholstering an old armchair, or adding a new rug or ottoman. The key is to tie the colours in with other pieces, or use complimentary colours to what you already have.

In the photo on the left, splashes of pink breathe new life to the traditional style furnishings and create a sense of play. On the bottom right, contrasting orange and blue look cozy and fresh against a neutral backdrop. On the top right, a mix of modern, colourful fabrics tie in with the vintage artwork above.

The best part about mixing and matching is just playing around with what you have and rethinking the details of your decor! Don’t be afraid to bring in something different and consider starting small. A few new toss cushions, or a new artwork can become the springboard for a fresh new look!