Decor Trends We Love for 2018

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Mixing trends with classic timeless styles is a great way to keep things fresh and it’s our favourite way to decorate at Henhouse. If you’re looking to update your decor in 2018 read on! We’ve picked out some of our favourite trends and offered up some tips on how to make them work in your own home.

Bold Colour

We’ve been enjoying the white on white trend over the past few years and now we’re looking forward to seeing more colour. Choosing the right colour and finish is key – no small feat, but don’t let that stop you from trying this trend.

Consider what kind of mood you want to create – is this a cozy quiet space, a fun family-friendly space, or a more formal office or living room? The function of the room and the mood you want to evoke is a good starting point.

Create balance by mixing bold with neutral. In the photos above, bold walls are countered by light-coloured or neutral furnishings, fabrics and accessories. Adding in small touches of contrasting colours (like the yellow chair against the deep blue walls) adds interest and a lot of personality.

If going bold on the walls feels too overwhelming try starting small. Choose one wall and create a focal point, or highlight a special architectural feature. Builtins, cabinetry, wainscotting or a fireplace mantle can be great features to draw attention to with bold hues.

Fun With Pattern

Wallpaper is back and we are loving it! We’ve had the opportunity to use some gorgeous wallpapers in a few of our recent projects.

Above are images from a home in Halifax that we’ve done quite a bit of work on including a custom kitchen, master bedroom, girl’s room, and (shown above) the front foyer and powder room. The wallpapers that we chose mix traditional motifs with contemporary colour schemes and feel so fresh.

With so many options on the market there is a wallpaper for every space. It can make a room feel cozy or formal and it certainly adds character. We love it in an entryway, powder room, or in the dining area.

Similar to choosing paint, consider how the space is used and what mood you want to evoke. Think about your decor style and what would fit in best – romantic florals, bold geometrics, painterly abstraction, or maybe an interesting texture like grasscloth. 

Be sure to do your research first, as some types of wallpaper require special considerations. If you need help choosing or are on the hunt for great wallpaper get in touch with us! We have lots of wonderful choices from Kravet and Thibaut available to purchase through Henhouse.

Bring the Outdoors In

Plant life is everywhere in decor right now from potted plants big and small to leafy motifs in fabric and wallpaper.

Plants can add lots of style and are a great accent in any room. Go small with a grouping of tiny succulents or air plants, or go big with fiddle leaf figs or palms. If you’re arranging several plants in a group try mixing different shapes and variegated leaves together. You can mix and match planters for an eclectic look, or display a collection of matching planters for a clean, more uniform look.

The standing planters above are a great way to display medium to large sized plants and make them into a work of art! We found similar ones at Attica in Halifax and at Retrospekt in Dartmouth.

There’s so many interesting plants available at local nurseries and flower shops. A great shop will help you choose the right plant for your space and offer care instructions. For a great selection of plants in Halifax we love The Flower Shop. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @theflowershophfx for lots of inspiration.

 Eyes Up!

We’ve been seeing more and more interesting ceiling treatments lately. We’ve fully embraced this trend and have used it in a number of our own projects with great results!

A bold or dark colour on the ceiling adds drama, and can set off crown molding or highlight a special light fixture. Reflective wallpaper or high gloss paint is a great way to play with light, or create a glowing, ethereal atmosphere. We love this look in a dining room or bathroom to add sparkle!

Wallpapering or painting the ceiling and the tops of the walls is a fun look, and can help make a space feel cozy. The bedroom on the left feels enveloping and in the living area on the right, the super high ceilings are brought in a little closer and feel less imposing.

Mixing Metals

We certainly love a touch of sparkle in any room! Metals have been trending in lighting, furniture and accessories. To add even more character and an element of the unexpected, try mixing different metals together.

We’ve seen some beautiful examples of mixed metals in kitchens and bathrooms. The trick to pulling off this look is by being strategic about placement. In the images above, warm metals are used up top (brass and copper), while cooler metals are used below (nickel, aluminum). Keeping the types of metals together creates unity and allows each metal to stand out on its own.

In other areas of the home bringing in a metal side table or a bench or chair with a polished metal frame adds glamour without being overly fussy. Smaller accents like this planter can live anywhere in the house.

Lighting is also a great place to inject this trend. The chandelier above is available through Attica and boasts warm and cool metallics . We recently installed it in a client’s dining area and it is stunning!

We hope we’ve inspired you to try some of these great trends! Remember you can always start small with any of these trends, moving to bigger and bolder statements over time if you’d like. And as always, if you need help get in touch with us!