How To Incorporate Antiques Into Your Decor

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Summer is nearly upon us and that means it’s time to get out there and go treasure hunting! The local antique shops are open and filled with goodies, and there’s yard sales, estate sales, kijiji and yes, sometimes we do find incredible things at the side of the road! If you’re on the hunt for unique decor items, summer is a great time for it. We’ve got a few ideas and inspirations to share to help you incorporate your fantastic finds into your home.

Display a Collection


Henhouse has always had a love for antiques. Our favourite look mixes modern with vintage or antique accessories. Antiques can add depth, character, warmth, and texture to a space, and it’s always great to be able to breathe new life into old or forgotten items.

There are many, many ways to incorporate antiques into any room, but one look that makes a bold statement is displaying a collection. The photos above are great examples of displaying groups of like items together. Vintage oil paintings hung gallery style, a collection of vintage dishware in a monochromatic scheme, or old wooden utensils – the key here is grouping the items together for maximum impact.

Martha Stewart is the queen of collections – If you’re looking for ideas for display, or collecting look to Martha!

Chose What You Love


When you’re out treasure hunting be sure to follow your heart and have fun! Oftentimes something will just call to you, a funky mirror, a brightly coloured vintage quilt, an old cast iron kettle. Whatever it is take a minute to consider it and think about how it might work in your home. When you find something you absolutely love, you can find a creative way to mix into your home.

Above, designer Darryl Carter uses antique treasures to create a focal point. When you have one really unusual item it will always draw attention. Instead of trying to make it blend in, let it stand out and place it in a way that shows it off. Having an element of the unexpected is a great design trick that takes a space to the next level.

It’s All in the Mix

@laurenliess, @peterdunhamdesign

Mixing it up is the name of the game when incorporating antiques. Layering the old with the new makes for a fresh and interesting look. Items don’t need to match what you have, in fact creating contrast can pull a look together.

Antique items can be used to unify a space, like in the kitchen on the left. Here, designer Lauren Liess uses antique oil paintings to bring together the sleek lighting and finishes, with the more rustic and warm wood tones of the island. The look is soft and cozy with lots of character.

Antiques can also be used to create a bold contrast that’s fun and exciting. Peter Dunham’s kitchen design on the bottom right has a traditional country kitchen feeling, but features industrial lighting, and stunning painted vintage chairs that bring the space to life.

Incorporating antiques is a lot of fun, it’s a playful and creative process. Don’t be afraid of trying new things, moving things around, repurposing and reimagining. Now that you have our handy tips, get out there into the sun and have fun antiquing this summer!