How to Create a Cozy Boho Mood with a Minimalist Style

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We are loving the pared down minimal inspired looks that are trending right now. We’re seeing a mixture of styles coming together that combine minimalism’s emphasis on simplicity and function with rustic and natural elements that have a cozy boho feel. This look feels fresh and liberating – a feeling we are so ready for as we welcome in spring!

Just in time for your spring cleaning and decorating projects, we’re sharing a few tips and some inspiration on how to create this look.

Pare it down
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Alyssa Rosenheck, Studio McGee, Lauren Liess

Minimalism emphasizes cutting out anything that’s extra. Step number one is to take a hard look around the space you are working with and sort out what items are no longer serving you or aren’t essential. This is completely subjective, and of course some items serve utilitarian functions while others might serve you emotionally. But anything that’s bringing you down or that isn’t working for you or the space anymore can find a new home or be stored out of sight.

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Emily Henderson, Studio McGee

Though these images might have you thinking otherwise, we all have varying degrees of clutter going on in our homes. To pull of this streamlined aesthetic good storage is key! You can hide everyday items in decorative boxes, baskets and bins, and make use of furniture items that have storage. Another option is to create an artful and tidy display – we love the neatly stacked wood, and the funky wall hooks in the images above.

Add personality with collections, art, or an unexpected element

Emily Henderson (bottom right)

While true minimalism banishes any items that aren’t serving a function, the beauty of this style mash up is that there is room to add some personality. Collections, cherished personal objects, photography, and art are all welcome and are what create a warmer feel. Because other elements of this look are so simple, a well displayed collection or an unexpected item will really stand out and add a punch of personality.

Choose a subdued palette

Working with neutrals is a fun challenge and creates a calm, minimalist foundation for the space. We recently created a master bedroom concept for a client that has a very restricted palette. For this look we mixed shades of grey and off-white through the entire space, creating a unified and simple look. The trick is to choose a neutral palette and layer varying shades throughout the space.

If you’re dying for some colour you could absolutely get away with adding a few pops to liven things up. A fun occasional chair in a bright upholstery or a funky toss cushion or throw on the bed can shine against a pared down palette.

Play with texture, pattern and scale
interior design Halifax, interior decor, home renovations

Alyssa Rosenheck, Winkie Visser, Emily Henderson

When you’re working with limited colours, you have to work with other elements to create interest. We love the use of rustic woods, leather and hide, wool, stone and other natural materials to bring in lots of texture. Pattern can be added in many ways – through artwork, rugs, toss cushions and bedding.

One of our favourite elements to play with is scale! The giant stone container in the image above makes a beautiful statement, and is right at home blending with the soft colour palette and organic feeling of the space.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips and are feeling inspired and refreshed! We have some exciting new Henhouse projects to share soon so stay tuned for our next post!