When you live right on the ocean, chances are good that your home will somehow reflect the essence of the sea. From your colour palette to choices in decor, an ocean residing home is truly cause for inspiration. This particular home is beyond beautiful, with views of rolling waves, lush sea life and plenty of smooth gray rocks and boulders. From every location inside the home one can admire the Atlantic ocean through large windows. The interior (and exterior) decor chosen by the homeowners also radiate and reflect the seaside location. Practically every nook and cranny of this home is filled with delightful sea side treasures, like old buoys and lobster traps.

Our henhouse project was simple: to refinish a built in bar and entertainment unit, blending the piece with the house’s unique and whimsical seaside decor. Originally finished in a solid blue, our goal was to conceive of and execute a custom finish which incorporated the hues of the granite rock visible outside the windows and also found in the fireplace.

In the end we opted to use three separate paint colours, creating a faux finish which emulated the hues found in drift wood. By blending and layering the colours we were able to capture the tones of driftwood and by finishing the unit in a blend of neutral colours we found that all of the colourful decor pieces, such as the the boat coffee table, really popped and were now showcased perfectly. The task was a success!


Selecting chairs for a table can be quite a daunting task, and an expensive one at that. Perhaps an obvious choice is to select chairs in the same finish and style as your table. However, we see chairs as an opportunity to break some design boundaries and shake things up a bit. Mixed woods and stains? Why not?! Upholstery? Great idea! The most important thing is to make sure that, like all pieces of furniture, the chair is built to last and made with quality materials.

This is why we believe Jamco to be a good fit with our own hand built dining tables. A Canadian company based out of Mississauga ON, all of their chairs are made out of solid beech frames and use mortise and tenon joinery. Besides making beautiful chairs for home use, Jamco also outfits many restaurants with chairs and tables, demonstrating their product’s longevity and endurance. Visit Jamco online or stop by our store and peruse through their expansive catalogue where you can view different styles, types of finishes and seat options.

Chair style featured: Jamco Napolean 151 and 150


After designing, building and finishing the spectacular South Shore kitchen, we were eager to get to work on more exciting and creative projects in this dazzling home. Besides creating brand new pieces of furniture from scratch we also specialize in finding and refinishing antique pieces. We were more than pleased to share with the home owners our zeal for previously used furniture. This antique baking table from Eastern Europe is one of our favorite finds and ended up being the perfect height for a sofa table! The vanity is also a great example of furniture re-conceptualized for new use. Originally the homeowner’s antique bureau, we breathed new life into the piece by finishing it in our signature ‘henhouse’ red and outfitting it with clean white porcelain features, transforming it into a truly unique and functional bathroom vanity.


Check out Boris the Bouvier! Doesn’t he look simply dashing in his orange Hot Dogs collar? Boris (named after the legendary Boris Karloff) is a man about town, strutting his stuff on the Halifax Common, rocking out in Hot Dogs All Dressed couture. After a long photo shoot Boris takes time off to shop for some sock monkeys…they look so tasty…!

We would love to see how great your pet looks in Hot Dogs All Dressed collars and leashes! Send us your photos at info@henhouse.ca and we will post them on the blog!