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What do our Clients have in Common?

Like us, our clients share a passion for great design that is tailored to to suit their lives, quality craftsmanship, timeless aesthetic, and an eagerness to work with designers and builders whose skill and attention to detail are unparalleled.

At henhouse, we continue to work with wonderful clients and we are so proud  to build quality furniture and kitchens for them that becomes part of their lives and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Since closing our retail storefront this February, we have been busy designing, building and installing four kitchens in and around the Halifax area and creating at least a dozen custom furniture pieces. We have thoroughly enjoyed having more time to focus on each project and we look forward to this new phase of henhouse.

Inspiration Photo

Inspiration photo for a kitchen we just finished up in Bedford.

The photo above is the inspiration for a kitchen that we recently  finished in Bedford. Our clients were  inspired by this showroom kitchen in the UK and wanted to create a similar vibe in their oceanfront home here in Bedford, NS. When they came to us with their vision, we were more than happy to bring it to life, but with our own spin of course!

Demo Time!

Before: demo time!

Henhouse Photos- Oct2

After: Provence meets the Maritimes!

Before the demolition took place (pictured above) we got to work on the design. To capture the aesthetic in the inspiration photo, we played up the idea of a house in Provence and designed a large free standing armoire, an over scaled range hood with rough-hewn corbels, and chose colours in soft blue and yellow. We decided to hand finish the armoire and corbels with layers of paints and stains to achieve the warmth and elegance that is found in the grand homes in France.

Tucked in: the oversized island discreetly contains a microwave. Panelling over the dishwasher face hides it from view.

Tucked away: the oversized island discreetly contains a microwave, and panelling over the dishwasher face hides it from view.

The fridge is contained in a panty-like surround, while the pull-out freezer drawers are cleverly installed beneath the countertop next to it and concealed with panelling.

The fridge is contained in a pantry-like surround, while the pull out freezer drawers are cleverly installed beneath the countertop next to it and concealed with panelling.

We wanted the gorgeous La Cornue range to be the focal point of the kitchen, so we decided to conceal all of the other appliances. We did this by covering the dishwasher, pull out freezer drawers, and fridge behind panels and the microwave drawer sits on the end of the island tucked out of view.

The statement armoire provides storage and a beverage centre and adds to the grand over scaled aesthetic.

The statement armoire provides storage and serves as a beverage centre.

Undertaking a renovation or new home construction can be an overwhelming task. Having trustworthy professionals, who really care about your project from start to finish is truly the key to success. Henhouse can help you create a kitchen that will be beautiful, functional, and durable. Here’s a little bit more about our approach:

From start to finish

At henhouse, we pride ourselves in being there for our clients through every step of the process. We are on hand to help right from that initial stage of figuring out the possibilities for your space, and planning for optimal functionality, right up to the final stages where all the little details come together to make the space something spectacular!

Long-lasting quality and long-lasting soul

We also pride ourselves in our quality materials and tried and true techniques. We hand-build everything using solid wood and plywood, and finish everything by hand and use and low VOC paints and stains. Every detail is important to us, like using soft-closing glides and dovetailed joinery, and choosing the cutting edge, top quality fixtures to complete the look.


If you are already working with a contractor or an architect, we are happy to work alongside them to bring our design skills, experience and unique aesthetic to your project. Henhouse’s designer, Sappho Griffin has worked collaboratively with clients, contractors and architects, tackling each of her projects individually and whole-heartedly. Her approach assures that the final product will be top quality and suit her client’s design needs and aesthetic vision.

Get in touch

Want to get started on your dream kitchen? Contact Sappho at to set up a consultation!


The colour indigo brings such inspiration; used for centuries throughout Japanese, Chinese and Indian cultures, it signifies strength, integrity, and introspection. It is as bold and fresh today as it was centuries ago, and lately I have been using it in my home every chance I can.

We are feeding off of these indigo vibes as we start a new beginning at henhouse! The past month has been a flurry of activity- closing up our retail shop, saying “goodbye” (for now!) to all of our wonderful customers, and taking on two new kitchen reno projects! Phewph! It was a whirlwind, but we are excited for what is next, and we are abounding with ideas and inspiration.

So, what are we dreaming and scheming now?! (more…)

Amherst Dream Kitchen

Happy Sunday! And extra happy because it’s also father’s day!

We have something special to share with you today…

Recently, we had the pleasure of revisiting a kitchen we created a couple of years ago in Amherst. It’s always such a treat for us to return and take a look at how the homeowners have settled into their new kitchen and made it their own. We love to see the personal touches they add after we have finished our work!

The homeowners have such a great style and they did an amazing job making their kitchen feel like home. One unique feature is their beautiful collection of coloured vintage glass. During the design phase, the couple told us they had been collecting these pieces, and wanted to work them into their new kitchen. We think the lit upper cabinets are a perfect way to show off  their collection.

The kitchen is fully equipped with spectacular luxury details, some of which include the spice drawer insert, a pop up Kitchenaid mixer, towel bars by the sink, and special storage for heavy pots under the stovetop.

Here are some more detail shots. Look at that stove and pot filler! Stunning! The island is a great spot to prepare food, and the bar seating on the other side allows for guests and family to gather and chat. A telephone desk outfitted with a chalkboard keeps this kitchen fun and organized!

The full henhouse treatment! These furnishings (including the chairs) are built by henhouse. The pine buffet and hutch looks great filled with the family’s service wares. We love the rustic painted legs on this harvest table; it fits right in.

An extra storage space lies beyond the unique door seen in the bottom right photo. Made from a re-finished vintage door, we painted and antiqued it, then had new caramel coloured glass installed.

Thanks so much to these customers for inviting us back. The kitchen is looking wonderful!




A Piece of Family History

We love it when a piece of furniture has a story behind it. There’s something so captivating about a piece that has been through years of use, seen different places and people, and has the marks to prove it. It can evoke a real sense connection to the past, and we find such beauty in that!

Recently, we were lucky enough to work on such a piece for a customer of ours. Sandy brought us an old trawl door that she wanted to transform into a desk.  Here’s the story behind this unique piece as told by Sandy:

Sappho's plans and the old door before arriving at the shop.

“My father was the manager of several seafood processing plants in rural Newfoundland in the late 70s and early 80s. He obtained this old rectangular slab of wood, known as a trawl door, when we lived in Grand Bank for a few years. It is a weighted pine slab with brass handles in adjacent corners, and is quite heavy. These trawl doors (sometimes known as otter boards) were used on fishing vessels known as trawlers or draggers, and they fished the Grand Banks during the heydey of the Newfoundland fishery.

Refinishing the wood door at the henhouse workshop.

A large funnel-like net, or trawl, was towed/dragged behind the trawler to catch the fish, and the trawl doors were positioned vertically at the front of the net, with chains through the brass handles, to prevent the net from closing shut. Sometimes, the trawl doors also acted like a plough. They tore up the seabed as they were dragged, creating a cloud of muddy water to hide the net, as well as generating noise, which attracted the fish. It is likely that this slab was dragged along the Grand Banks, well below the surface of the sea!

The new metal legs are added! Metal smith Chris Joyce custom made them to match the original brass handles.

My father had the slab refinished and had some legs added, and it became our coffee table all during my childhood and teenage years. I moved out when I turned 17, but when he passed away in 1997 at age 48, I had the task of sorting through his things, and I held onto this. It came with me during all of my moves to various universities and places of employment over the years…. from BC to PEI to Halifax, to New Hampshire to Arizona to Halifax again. This table has been all over. It is one of the only items of his that I have, and definitely the only article of furniture. It is of great sentimental value to me.

A detailed view of the restored surface and original handle.

Over the years and travels, the legs disappeared and the wood got a little banged up, but it was solid and I knew that when I had the time someday, I would do something with nice with it.Fast forward to today: I own a house in the Hydrostone and I’m picking away at renovating this 100 year old piece of history. It was time to do something with the slab of wood and I was keen on having it converted into a desk. I wasn’t sure who to bring it to….. a carpenter? A furniture clinic? I didn’t want country kitchen legs on the thing. I wanted an authentic look that highlighted the story behind the table, yet was modern enough to suit my decor.

The finished piece!

Henhouse seemed like the perfect choice, and, it’s right in my neighbourhood. When I brought in the slab, I let Sappho use her creative license to come up with some leg ideas, and she suggested metal to match the brass handles. I was all for it. She contacted an artist/metalsmith friend of hers and he created a clean and modern set of metal “legs” while Sappho took care of the table itself. It looks great. I think Dad would be happy.”

We are so happy to be a part of the ongoing story! We had a great time working on this piece. Thanks for sharing your story with us Sandy!