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Cozy Up for Autumn

Happy Autumn!

We hope you’re enjoying this beautiful season! We love the crisp cool air this time of year; it’s so refreshing. As the temperatures start to drop, the hens start to crave some cozy comforts- like hot apple cider, candles, warm blankets, and really good books (or addictively bad T.V.)! How do you cozy up your life for the colder months?

If you’re looking to add a little bit more cozy to your nest we have a few suggestions!

Do you love the warm flickering glow of a burning candle, but hate the smoke, fire hazard, waxy mess? These Reallite Candles are battery operated, but they look just like the real deal. Wonderful if you have kids, or pets! The best thing is that you can place them anywhere, for any length of time without worrying. Available in red, green, and ivory and in various sizes.

Sari Throws are the perfect thing to cuddle up in on a chilli day. Each hand-stitched  throw is one-of-a-kind and made from vintage Indian saris.  The vintage cotton is so soft, and the stunning colours and patterns will add instant character to any space!

There’s a reason we’ve been carrying Pheylonian 100% pure cappings beeswax candles for years! These Canadian made candles smell wonderful, burn clean, and are long-lasting. When lit, they produce a beautiful golden glow, and clean the air as they burn. They are great for helping reduce dust, pollen, and toxins in your home.

Sometimes we wish we could spend the colder months in hibernation. Alas, hens do not hibernate! We do enjoy a great night’s sleep and we think that Dream Designs linens are the best! These natural, chemical-free linens are hand-made in B.C. and are so cozy and durable. We carry 100% cotton and hemp/ramie linens as well as their silk-filled duvets. So lovely… is it nap time yet??

Stay cozy and warm friends! We hope to see you soon at the shop!

Swaine Street Woodworking is Here!

Swaine Street Woodworking is the creation of local crafter Jana Bookholt. Jana is a NSCAD graduate who became interested in woodworking after taking a course in cabinetry at NSCC. In just over a year, she has participated in many craft shows, and is now selling her work at several local retailers, and a few in Ontario. She’s also been invited to attend the Toronto International Film Festival this fall to represent her work in the AMC gift lounge. This girl is on fire- take a look at her beautiful work and you’ll understand why!

Photo by Ted Pritchard for The Chronicle Herald

Crafting a cutting board or charcuterie board involves milling down rough cut lumber, cutting it to size, gluing all the pieces together then sanding. The images that adorn some of her boards are Jana’s own designs that she draws on by hand with a burning pen.

Jana’s boards are functional works of art and would make a wonderful gift for a wedding, for a cook, or for yourself!

We have several Swaine Street maple boards in the shop, which are extremely durable, beautiful, and provide an excellent work surface. We also carry  Beeswax Polish, and Rosemary Lemon Cutting Board Oil, both hand made in small batches  by Jana. These products work wonders to protect and restore wooden cutting boards, bowls, utensils and more.

Visit henhouse soon to see her work in person!

Easy, Inexpensive, Summer Flower Arrangements!

Create simple and inexpensive glass vase flower arrangements with seasonal clippings and stems! It’s easy as the summer breeze:

1. Get yourself a funky glass vase (*hint hint* we have lots at the shop!)

2. Get out into your backyard, or local flower shop and gather some clippings or stems. It could be anything! A bunch of wildflowers from your yard, a piece of fern, a single monstera leaf, or a few stems of bamboo.

3. Put it all together. Don’t fuss too much, it’s OK to keep things casual. Add water, if needed, and display your new creation!

Check out the photos below for inspiration!

Monstera can be purchased at most florists. Don’t be afraid to visit your local florist for something small! These stems will last weeks.

We also love how succulent clippings look in small vases. If you have a succulent plant, you can trim off a piece from its new growth to create the look on the right.

On the left, items from henhouse: small white vases $9.50 each, vintage McCoy $50.00, hand-blown green vase $24.95

Queen Anne’s lace is beautiful, and can be found all over for free! Look for it on the side of the road, at the park and in the yard. A few pieces is all it takes to create a delicate arrangement. For the photo on the left, I picked some wild flowers in my neighbourhood and arranged them at the shop in a lovely, shimmery lantern.

Re-create this look in one of our vintage inspired mercury glass lanterns (on the left) $15.50

Milk glass is perfect for spring and summer arrangements. It’s super feminine and fresh; fill it with small plants, or a bunch of wildflowers.

We have a great selection of vintage milk glass pieces in the shop right now that would be perfect $20.00-$25.00 each!

So, find yourself some wildflowers, some pretty vases, and create!

Have a good weekend!

Amherst Dream Kitchen

Happy Sunday! And extra happy because it’s also father’s day!

We have something special to share with you today…

Recently, we had the pleasure of revisiting a kitchen we created a couple of years ago in Amherst. It’s always such a treat for us to return and take a look at how the homeowners have settled into their new kitchen and made it their own. We love to see the personal touches they add after we have finished our work!

The homeowners have such a great style and they did an amazing job making their kitchen feel like home. One unique feature is their beautiful collection of coloured vintage glass. During the design phase, the couple told us they had been collecting these pieces, and wanted to work them into their new kitchen. We think the lit upper cabinets are a perfect way to show off  their collection.

The kitchen is fully equipped with spectacular luxury details, some of which include the spice drawer insert, a pop up Kitchenaid mixer, towel bars by the sink, and special storage for heavy pots under the stovetop.

Here are some more detail shots. Look at that stove and pot filler! Stunning! The island is a great spot to prepare food, and the bar seating on the other side allows for guests and family to gather and chat. A telephone desk outfitted with a chalkboard keeps this kitchen fun and organized!

The full henhouse treatment! These furnishings (including the chairs) are built by henhouse. The pine buffet and hutch looks great filled with the family’s service wares. We love the rustic painted legs on this harvest table; it fits right in.

An extra storage space lies beyond the unique door seen in the bottom right photo. Made from a re-finished vintage door, we painted and antiqued it, then had new caramel coloured glass installed.

Thanks so much to these customers for inviting us back. The kitchen is looking wonderful!




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