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Referred to as a buffet, console, or sideboard this type of piece is so versatile in any home. Put it in your dining room to store family heirlooms, in a living room with a great piece of modern art above, or in a grand hallway welcoming visitors and instantly putting them at ease. This piece has been a labour of love, featuring a new design for us, with the breakfront design and hand painted in that golden creamy colour that can easily be paired with any colour scheme you have going on in your house. The top has rough hewn boards that have been sanded by hand and the whole piece has finished in bees wax polish, giving it that juicy look that we all love here at henhouse.

We are referring to this new design as the MacAskill Sideboard, on our floor now priced at $3210.00.


We love accessorizing furniture with Kravet fabrics! These ikat fabics are oh so luxurious, with textures that will make you melt. Their website is particularly interactive, in which you can select from fabric types, colours, collections or codes to help narrow down the perfect style for your home. Dress up your bed, upholstered pieces and so much more in these great textiles!


We were so excited to see our store featured on the pages of Poppytalk, an amazing Canadian design blog seeking inspiration and fresh ideas from all across the country. This blog is definitely worth checking out, but a quick word of caution: You may be compelled to lose track of time as you scroll through pages and pages of beautiful images, posts and design ideas!! Enjoy, and thanks again Poppytalk (and guest blogger Trudi of Double Happiness Designs).


And now for the second installment of our bathroom guide. Drum roll please……

Long handled double sided shower brush (finally you can reach your back!), 14.24. Large natural sea sponge, 14.25
Luxurious bubbling bath by Tokyo Milk (variety of scents and designs)small
Traditional white soap dish holder, 6.95
Wooden nail brush, 2.50. Wooden fish nail brush, 2.75