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Check out Boris the Bouvier! Doesn’t he look simply dashing in his orange Hot Dogs collar? Boris (named after the legendary Boris Karloff) is a man about town, strutting his stuff on the Halifax Common, rocking out in Hot Dogs All Dressed couture. After a long photo shoot Boris takes time off to shop for some sock monkeys…they look so tasty…!

We would love to see how great your pet looks in Hot Dogs All Dressed collars and leashes! Send us your photos at and we will post them on the blog!


Ruby could very well be one of our favourite customers. With her big old smile and wagging tail, she instantly brings a smile to our faces. Today Ruby came in sporting her ultra slick and stylish Hot Dogs collar with matching leash, which she bought at henhouse and we just had to snap her photo! Hot Dogs All Dressed collars are so great; individually handmade in Montreal using top quality leather in an abundance of great colours, they are ordered to fit your furry friends neck and and can be outfitted with adorable charms and personalized tags. Ruby chose a green leather strap with coloured daisy charms and she looks absolutely fabulous!