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Easy, Inexpensive, Summer Flower Arrangements!

Create simple and inexpensive glass vase flower arrangements with seasonal clippings and stems! It’s easy as the summer breeze:

1. Get yourself a funky glass vase (*hint hint* we have lots at the shop!)

2. Get out into your backyard, or local flower shop and gather some clippings or stems. It could be anything! A bunch of wildflowers from your yard, a piece of fern, a single monstera leaf, or a few stems of bamboo.

3. Put it all together. Don’t fuss too much, it’s OK to keep things casual. Add water, if needed, and display your new creation!

Check out the photos below for inspiration!

Monstera can be purchased at most florists. Don’t be afraid to visit your local florist for something small! These stems will last weeks.

We also love how succulent clippings look in small vases. If you have a succulent plant, you can trim off a piece from its new growth to create the look on the right.

On the left, items from henhouse: small white vases $9.50 each, vintage McCoy $50.00, hand-blown green vase $24.95

Queen Anne’s lace is beautiful, and can be found all over for free! Look for it on the side of the road, at the park and in the yard. A few pieces is all it takes to create a delicate arrangement. For the photo on the left, I picked some wild flowers in my neighbourhood and arranged them at the shop in a lovely, shimmery lantern.

Re-create this look in one of our vintage inspired mercury glass lanterns (on the left) $15.50

Milk glass is perfect for spring and summer arrangements. It’s super feminine and fresh; fill it with small plants, or a bunch of wildflowers.

We have a great selection of vintage milk glass pieces in the shop right now that would be perfect $20.00-$25.00 each!

So, find yourself some wildflowers, some pretty vases, and create!

Have a good weekend!