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So many objects that we experience in our daily lives have been mass produced by machines or people on assembly lines in far away countries. These methods of production allow for items to be widely available for low prices- and who doesn’t like a good deal?!  However, what we gain in our pocket books we sacrifice in our souls. This sounds extreme, but consider it!  By filling up our surroundings with things we don’t value, things that are made by machines, we are missing that sacred experience that fills us with wonder and appreciation and a sense of connection. We are missing the connection to the individual whose time was spent making something for practical use or for decoration. These hand-crafted objects are not perfect, or glossy, or inexpensive. These objects are rich in spirit- they show the soul and the story of the person who made it. We are missing this simple connection to the human hand. (more…)

Cozy Up for Autumn

Happy Autumn!

We hope you’re enjoying this beautiful season! We love the crisp cool air this time of year; it’s so refreshing. As the temperatures start to drop, the hens start to crave some cozy comforts- like hot apple cider, candles, warm blankets, and really good books (or addictively bad T.V.)! How do you cozy up your life for the colder months?

If you’re looking to add a little bit more cozy to your nest we have a few suggestions!

Do you love the warm flickering glow of a burning candle, but hate the smoke, fire hazard, waxy mess? These Reallite Candles are battery operated, but they look just like the real deal. Wonderful if you have kids, or pets! The best thing is that you can place them anywhere, for any length of time without worrying. Available in red, green, and ivory and in various sizes.

Sari Throws are the perfect thing to cuddle up in on a chilli day. Each hand-stitched  throw is one-of-a-kind and made from vintage Indian saris.  The vintage cotton is so soft, and the stunning colours and patterns will add instant character to any space!

There’s a reason we’ve been carrying Pheylonian 100% pure cappings beeswax candles for years! These Canadian made candles smell wonderful, burn clean, and are long-lasting. When lit, they produce a beautiful golden glow, and clean the air as they burn. They are great for helping reduce dust, pollen, and toxins in your home.

Sometimes we wish we could spend the colder months in hibernation. Alas, hens do not hibernate! We do enjoy a great night’s sleep and we think that Dream Designs linens are the best! These natural, chemical-free linens are hand-made in B.C. and are so cozy and durable. We carry 100% cotton and hemp/ramie linens as well as their silk-filled duvets. So lovely… is it nap time yet??

Stay cozy and warm friends! We hope to see you soon at the shop!

Whoa Baby!

Hi friends!

We hope you’re enjoying the first signs of spring- the buds on the trees, the few extra hours of daylight, and the warmer temperatures (most days anyhow!). New life is happening all around at this time of year- including new babies! A lot of our regular customers have been in lately showing off their new little ones and, our own Sappho is expecting her third child in just a few weeks!! Needless to say, it’s an exciting time here at henhouse!

Are any of you expecting a new family member soon?

Well, if you happen to be in need of a gift for your own little one or for someone you know who is expecting, we have some really sweet things in the shop!

We love, love, LOVE all of the baby clothes from Parade. Cuteness aside, these outfits are made by a Canadian company from 100% organic cotton, and are pesticide and chemical-free. They are safe for your baby and our environment! Sizes range from 0-3 months up to 12-18 months.

Babies and food…things get messy!  These Mally bibs will do the trick! Made in Canada from 100% baby safe leather, these bibs wash easily with the wipe of a cloth and will last for years! They have a unique adjustable magnet clasp, so you can widen it as your baby grows. These make a really great gift!

For  most new parents, sleep is a sought after luxury. Luna Lullaby swaddling  blankets can help! Swaddling is the ancient technique of snugly wrapping your baby in a way that simulates the feeling of being in the womb.  It’s soothing for babies, and it can help them sleep longer and more comfortably.

Everyone needs a life-long pal, and these sock monkeys are just that. Each monkey is lovingly hand made in Nova Scotia. They come in all shapes and sizes,  and  have their own unique personalities! We think they make a great toy for the young as well as the young at heart!

Thanks for reading! Visit us this weekend- it’s supposed to be great sunny weather (read: perfect for shopping at local small businesses!!)

Refresh Your Nest- New Vanities for the New Year!

It’s almost time for 2012! With the start of every new year, there’s that feeling of renewal along with the excitement of starting something new, and making positive changes.

If it’s your washroom that happens to need refreshing in the new year, a new vanity can really do the trick. At henhouse we like to think of the bathroom vanity as a piece of furniture that can really bring character and personality to a space. Below you can see a few examples of custom vanities that we have made. Some are new, others have been refurbished from vintage pieces. Take a look!

This birch piece was designed and built by henhouse. It maximizes on space by fitting snugly into the corner. On the left is a space for a small seat and a mirror- perfect for hair and make-up!

Here’s another piece, built in walnut, ready for installation. The drawers are designed to accommodate plumbing and provide lots of storage.

This is a vintage piece that we painted and refurbished to accommodate plumbing and a sink.

This piece boasts simple, clean lines in a beautiful deep red stain. The open storage below is great for towels, or baskets filled with washroom essentials.

A cute refurbished piece that adds a bright pop of colour!

 This small vanity is great for a powder room. The bead-board detail adds extra interest up top. It’s just awaiting hardware and a sink.

The start of a new year is a great time to tackle new projects and refresh your home! A great vanity can bring new life to an out-dated washroom and add a splash of personality!  What do you think of our custom vanities?