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Clearing the Clutter

At the beginning of the new year one of my first projects is usually getting my home cleaned up and organized. It feels great to gear up for the year ahead, but at the same time it can be quite an undertaking! Let’s all take a deep breath… relax… we CAN tackle whatever hideous mess lies beyond the closet door. Let’s face it together! 😉

We have some great things in the shop right now that can help you get your home in ship shape (while exuding a fabulous sense of style!).

Let’s take a look…

After you’ve got rid of all the things you don’t need or want anymore you’re going to need storage solutions that make everything look wonderful! How about these woven baskets? They are great for hats, mitts, firewood, newspapers, books, blankets, toys- anything! They are an instant, easy, and attractive clutter destroying device.

Check out these antique Belgian farm crates. They have many potential uses, but my favourite idea is to stack them up to create shelving. Style blog Apartment Therapy took the photo on the right of crates on display as shadow boxes- love this idea!

These glass cracker  jars are essential for dry goods storage in the kitchen- they keep everything fresh and looking neat!

Everyone has hang ups. Our selection of unique cast iron hooks add interest to your walls while keeping things like robes, towels and coats off of the floor. Also great for hanging up necklaces and keys.

Keep your family in the loop, make a list, or doodle on one of our antique slate chalkboards. Stylish and practical!

When you’re all finished organizing you’re going to want to do a bit of scrubbing right? Mrs. Meyer’s all natural cleaning products will do the trick. Available in lemon verbena and lavender, you’re home will be smelling and looking great!

Ahh! Don’t you feel so much better now?! Ready to tackle 2012?