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So many objects that we experience in our daily lives have been mass produced by machines or people on assembly lines in far away countries. These methods of production allow for items to be widely available for low prices- and who doesn’t like a good deal?!  However, what we gain in our pocket books we sacrifice in our souls. This sounds extreme, but consider it!  By filling up our surroundings with things we don’t value, things that are made by machines, we are missing that sacred experience that fills us with wonder and appreciation and a sense of connection. We are missing the connection to the individual whose time was spent making something for practical use or for decoration. These hand-crafted objects are not perfect, or glossy, or inexpensive. These objects are rich in spirit- they show the soul and the story of the person who made it. We are missing this simple connection to the human hand. (more…)



We’re clearing out our inventory to get ready for spring! Now until February 29th, get up to 30% off of ALL inventory (excluding consignments, paper stock, and beeswax candles)!

All antiques 15% off!

bed, bath, baby, and pets 20% off!

upholstered furniture 20% off!

Home decor, and henhouse floor model furniture 30%off! 


Holiday Spirit is Arriving at the Nest!

This weekend only save 15% on all holiday decor!!

Join us for our annual holiday sneak peek, enjoy some home-made treats, and save 15% on all of our holiday decor!
We can’t wait to see you! 

November 5th and 6th only! 

Store hours: Monday-Friday 10-6  Saturday 10-5  Sunday 12-5